June is Black Music Month where we celebrate our creation of and rich contribution to jazz, blues, R&B, and Hip Hop. From to Billie to Beyonce’, we have an incredible collection of musical works that has served as the backdrop of our lives. Music helps us celebrate, comfort, and connect.

At the memorial of one of the greatest artists of our time, Michael Jackson, it was stated that he had once called Coretta Scott King, who was hospitalized. Jackson told her to listen to music to help her heal. Research has shown that listening to music has health benefits.

According to a recent article by Time Magazine, “Music seems to ‘selectively activate’ neurochemical systems and brain structures associated with positive mood, emotion regulation, attention and memory in ways that promote beneficial changes…” Some of the health benefits of listening to music include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Reduces depression
  • Better sleep
  • Better recovery from surgery
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved cognitive functions

In honor of Black Music Month here is a playlist of tunes from legendary and classic black artists to boost your mood! To listen on Spotify, click here!


Post Author: Wendy Todd

2 Replies to “June is Black Music Month-Use Music to Lift Your Mood!”

  1. There’s none thing better than listening to some gospel music or listening to GOD’S(audible bible) word while your winding down to go to sleep. Especially after working a long stressful day of work.

  2. I always have music playing on, whether as background or me actively listening. It definitely lifts my mood and makes the work day move faster. I especially listen to it while reading. I even wrote a blog piece about pairing types of music with book genres. Good music is good for the soul.

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