What do you do when disappointment comes? When it weighs on you like a rock, you can either let it press you down until you become discouraged, even devastated, or you can use it as a stepping-stone to better things.  ~Joyce Meyer   

You’ve worked hard, you’ve prayed, you’ve been patient and waited. And the dream you’ve held on to finally materialized. You got that job, that book deal, that client, that partner….and it’s great. But then…the honeymoon phase is over and the thing, the opportunity, the relationship, circumstance or situation you wanted doesn’t look or feel the way you hoped. In fact it may not feel great at all. What do you do?

I got an opportunity recently that I really, really wanted. It was something I worked hard for and thought would be a major turning point in my career. I thought it would be awesome. And it was, at first. Then I hit some bumps in the road and got some background information that made me wonder what I’d gotten into. It’s still a great opportunity, but the surrounding circumstances don’t feel awesome. So I have some adjustments to make, mentally and emotionally.

Dealing with the disappointment has been a bit difficult. I envisioned a different experience. I’ve had to make a mental shift to accept what is and not want I hoped it would be. I’m going to have to find a way to focus on the opportunity and not the unfortunate details that come with it. I have to manage personalities I didn’t expect to encounter. I’m going to have to focus on my goals instead of what I have to do to get there.

Sometimes we have to modify our expectations, and sometimes we have to bow out. It’s an exercise in weighing pros and cons and checking our hearts and souls to figure out which next steps to take that will make the most sense for us. Whatever we do, keeping our wellbeing as a priority is crucial. No opportunity or relationship is worth compromising that. And in prioritizing our wellbeing, we need to listen to our gut. We can trust our intuition to tell us to hang in there or bail. Whatever works for you is fine.

Be well loves, and keep working and praying on all your dreams. Just because one isn’t what you hoped for doesn’t mean others won’t be everything you wanted and deserve.

Post Author: Wendy Todd

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