I recently had a conversation with someone who told me he didn’t feel seen for who he is. I suggested he focus on the people who know and accept him without question. Give less energy to those who don’t see and appreciate your authentic self. In other words, go where the love is.

Some of us can twist ourselves inside out to fit in places and with people who just don’t or can’t accommodate us – who we are, the packaging we coming in, our values and our personalities. Sometimes this is family, a workplace, social circles, etc. No matter what you do, you are not seen, your voice is not heard and your talents and abilities are not appreciated. Instead of trying to fit into spaces that aren’t accepting, an alternative is to give our energy to the people, spaces and circumstances that are welcoming. Give the best of yourself, your talents, gifts and abilities to the ones who see you. Go where the love is.

And you may find yourself feeling cherished in spaces, relationships and circumstances you never thought of or even considered before. You may be beautifully surprised at where the love comes from.

Instead of trying to squeeze into surroundings that don’t fit, let the circumstances fall away, go where the love is, find your fit, and get the appreciation you deserve.

Post Author: Wendy Todd

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