There are days when we feel like we just don’t have it – the energy, the right attitude or the desire to do what needs to be done. Going to work, tending to the kids, running important errands or engaging with family and friends. At times this can feel like it’s just too much. But unfortunately our responsibilities don’t care about how we feel. Things still have to get done. So how do we get over those at times massive humps of resistance that makes us want to retreat from life? A tactic I’ve found effective is something I call “emotional override”.

The way I define emotional override is turning on a part of our minds that allows us to bypass our feelings and gather just enough strength to take care of priorities. It can be a tough struggle from getting out of bed to actually tackling our work. It entails what I have learned can be referred to as a “thought switch”, a shift in your thinking to a more productive perspective. This may involve telling ourselves something like, “I don’t feel like doing x,y,z, but it’s not worth the consequences of avoiding it.”

This probably just sounds like being an adult, right? But just because you’re grown it doesn’t mean you don’t have hard days where you feel depleted of inner resources to get life done. Sometimes we can give into our feelings and put off responsibilities, but sometimes we just can’t. (And in those more rare moments when we really feel like we’re falling apart, take that time for yourself and reach out for help when needed.)

So when we’re having those “I just don’t have it kind of days,” instead of resisting what we need to do or accomplish, take a breath and accept it, while considering the consequences of not doing it. Then give yourself the space to acknowledge how you feel, and engage in any self care you can that will allow you to get through your day(s) and tasks until your mood has shifted to a better place.

As always, be gentle with yourself.

Post Author: Carbon

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