There are a lot of feelings going around; feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, and even contentment. Though many of us are experiencing challenging emotions, some are finding peace within the unknowns of this difficult time. Whatever emotions we are experiencing, it’s important to be able to sit with them, especially the emotions that make us uncomfortable. Feelings that cause discomfort deserve to be honored as well.

I think many of us have been taught it’s not okay to have “negative” emotions like anger, jealousy or resentment. But there is information in those kinds of feelings. Our feelings direct us to reasons and possibly, resolutions. Sitting with uncomfortable feelings leads to them being worked out and sets us on the path for healing. And healing, as many of us know, doesn’t always feel good, and requires work. And the work begins with being willing to sit with emotions and thoughts that can be really hard to confront. 

Recently I saw a video on the news platform, Now This News, featuring journalist, Sandi Bachom , a New Yorker who gave an incredibly heartfelt account of her experience of losing friends to the pandemic. I watched and listened as she explained, through tears, the pain and fear she feels about losing loved ones and possibly dying herself. It was powerful to see someone sift through and express their emotions with such unvarnished vulnerability. The strength in her admission and her ability to be with her pain was liberating and empowering. Her emotions resonated within me and helped me delve into my own fears about present life. Sitting with one’s pain and grief though immensely uncomfortable, can be the thing that helps us not necessarily move on, but move through. 

So the next time you are tempted to avoid or stuff down difficult emotions, consider sitting with them and allowing them to morph into whatever shape they take. Know that when the emotional dust settles, you will be ok.

Post Author: Carbon

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