I consider myself to be a pretty encouraging and supportive person. I go to people’s events, art openings, performances, support people’s businesses, share resources…you get the picture. And I used to offer that same energy to myself. I regularly hyped myself up to achieve my goals. But lately, I notice that I’m not hyping myself up the way I used to, and it’s time for that to change. I need to return to being my own “hype man”. And if you’re the kind of person who’s typically a giver but forget to give back to yourself, it’s time for you to cheer yourself on!

It’s typically easier to support other people. We’re not connected to their fears, and are able to see other people’s wonderful qualities and potential. And though we may genuinely believe in ourselves and abilities, sometimes it’s just hard to be our own best friend and give ourselves the same level of encouragement. It can be difficult to push past our own perceived shortcomings and internal struggles enough to be as enthusiastic about our abilities and gifts. But with practice, consistency, and intention, we can turn this all around.

When I first moved back to St. Louis it was a pretty hard time in my life. I had no job and no social network. I felt depressed, isolated and scared. One day I picked myself up, set my intention, went into the bathroom  (it seemed like the most private room in the house), and gave myself a pep talk. 

I affirmed my ability to turn tough situations around and tapped into my strength. I did this everyday until my situation changed. I continued this practice of periodically taking stock of myself and appreciating myself – my abilities and my tenacity. I haven’t done much of that lately and I notice a difference. 

I’m just now getting back to pursuing some goals that have been on the back burner. For one, I’m tackling freelance writing again. I also applied for a full-time writing job at a major publication. The competition is fierce, but I put my hat in the ring anyway, reminding myself that I’m qualified. It feels good to believe in yourself and put action behind that faith and put yourself out there. I can feel the once seemingly fearless part of myself reemerging.

Doubt and fear can really get in our way. That’s normal. But we have the ability to tap into our internal strength and get past it. We can override those insecurities and shift our focus on to all we’ve done and all we are still capable of doing and being. So get out your pom poms and cheer yourself on. Take the energy you use to support others, redirect it to yourself and be your own “Hype Man”!

Post Author: Carbon

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