From time to time to time I worry about whether or not I’m making progress, do I have anything to show for my hard work. And sometimes, I get really afraid that I’m not and I don’t. But it’s just a thought. And my kind boyfriend told me, “You’re not running in place.” He assured me that I have made progress and I do have something to show for my hard work. And so do you.

For those of us who may be hard on ourselves, or are “Type A” personalities, or who are overly self-critical, feeling as if you’ve accomplished something is important. Whether or not it’s important for the right reasons is a different conversation. But feeling as if your hard work has paid off in some way is significant. Part of the problem is that societally, we tend to measure accomplishments in ways that are tangible and by numbers – how much we have, how much we’ve produced. If you have a sales job then numbers count. But life isn’t a job. And we deserve to chart our progression in ways that have personal meaning, meaning we can create for ourselves.

So the next time you feel like you’re spinning your wheels or haven’t achieved much progress, consider other ways you can gauge your advancement in your life. Consider:

How much personal growth you’ve experienced since this time last year

How you’ve increased your self awareness

The impact you’ve made on people in your life, or even strangers you’ve touched or positively impacted

What you’ve learned about life over time

Your willingness to evolve in ways you never imagined

How you’ve stopped comparing yourself to others

The fact you keep going no matter what…

There are some many “things” that represent progress and advancement. And you get to decide exactly what they are. So remember, every time you get up and face the world, or keep going despite obstacles, or keep working on yourself, or decide not to give up or give in, you’re making progress. You are not running in place. You are always, in some way, moving forward.

As always, be well.

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